Indus Trading Concern is the sole proprietorship concern (with its headquarter in Srinagar, J&K) dealing with spectral handicrafts items. Though mainly founded with commercial purpose, it is dedicated to represent the age old art and skill embedded in the handicrafts industries of this land on national and international level.

Kashmir (as is acknowledged world over) is known for its indigenous handicrafts industry. The intricacy, hard work, innovatory skills etc. exhibited by the artisans of this place have won them the international acclamation. This industry is basically true icon of art and culture of the serene land.

ITC was founded in 2003 A.D to boost the most coveted handicrafts industry of this paradise on Earth. The concern, as such, deals with spectral handicrafts items among which include carpets, shawls, stools, paper machie, chain stitch etc.

ITC is a time blend of quality and commitment. Utmost care is taken to make available for the customers the highly elegant, exquisite, dazzling and wide range of products.

Though , ITC is committed that age old skills rooted strongly in this dignified industry be preserved, it also believes the new innovations need to be incorporated to the able to vie its competitors at international / national level. As such, ITC encourages its suppliers and manufacturers (directly and indirectly) to add innovations in design, art, branding and physical infrastructure. Keeping this in mind, one can easily find highly innovative and unique brand of items in ITC gallery.

The price list is highly reasonable and effective. The customers can opt to take one piece or two from the available gallery as or when demanded by them. Bulk orders also available. May it be emphasized again that quality of products and commitment are utmost priorities of Indus Trading Concern.


Khaiwan, Narwara, Srinagar, J&K.

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